If you can't find the hints you need on our site, or if you're looking for something about games other than hints, try some of the sites listed below. All of these sites offer fairly broad coverage, meaning you have a good chance of finding something on the topic you're interested in. Keep in mind that what some sites call "hints" are often just walkthroughs or cheat code collections -- and not hints designed to show you just what you need.

You may also want to try some of the other pages listed above for links to more targeted gaming sites. Sites that focus on just a few games or genres will often have more detailed information on the topics they cover than a lot of the big gaming sites.

Also, new UHS files are always posted first to www.uhs-hints.com, so look there first for the best and most complete collection of UHS files.

Good Places to Start

Adventure Gamers -- Formerly at adventuregamer.com, this is a comprehensive news, reviews, and previews site for adventure games.

Game Boomers -- Adventure-focused site with a number of walkthroughs and reviews.

GameFAQs -- One of the largest, if not the largest, collection of walkthroughs and FAQs on the Internet.

GameSpot -- CNet's on-line gaming magazine.

Gamewinners -- A large collection of cheat codes, with links to external sites for many additional walkthroughs and hints.

Just Adventure + -- Reviews, previews, interviews, and other articles about adventure and "adventure plus" (action/adventure or RPG) games.

The Spoiler Centre -- Has a large collection of walkthroughs and cheat codes for a number of games.

Cheat/Hint Sites

Cheat Happens
Cheat Ogre
Cheats Pro
Cheats Wire

Genre/Game-Specific Sites

Adventure Games Coalition -- A network of adventure-games-related sites.

Adventure Point -- Adventure game website, which breaks down games by sub-genre (puzzle, historical, etc.) and includes information on text adventures and handheld games (Nintendo DS, etc.).

The Adventurer -- A historical look at adventure games, with links to other adventure-related sites.

Brass Lantern -- New home of About.com's former "Interactive Fiction" guide, with original articles not only on commercial titles but also on independent authors and game design.

Other Worthy General Gaming Sites

Adrenaline Vault -- An on-line games magazine with news, previews, and reviews, which also includes cheats and download sections.

Discussvideogames.com -- Discussion site with member-written preview/review forums, hint/cheat forums, and other topics


Mr. Bill's Adventureland -- Reviews and previews of computer adventure and puzzle games and children's software, with walkthroughs, links, message board, and information on the old classics.

Starpulse.com -- A directory of cheats, walkthroughs, reviews, and other information about computer and video games. Starpulse also has listings for movies, TV, and other non-game forms of entertainment.

Xtreme Cheats -- Cheats for PC and consoles.

Software Download Sites and Independent/Shareware Publishers

Download A to Z -- Freeware and shareware download library.

Download Free Games -- A collection of free and shareware games for PC/Windows.

Download Free Mac Games -- A directory of Mac freeware and shareware games.

Suricate Software -- Free game downloads of family-friendly 3D games.

Voodoo Files -- Game-related downloads.