Fantasy World Dizzy Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough

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Active Volcano, The
Amazing Illusion, The
Armorog's Den
Attic, The
Banquet Hall, The
Base of the Tree House
Base of the Volcano
Bottomless Well, The
Broken Bridge, The
Castle Staircase
Castle's Dungeon, The
Cloud Castle, The
Complex Cloud Route
Crafty Cloud, The
Daisy's Empty Hut
Daisy's Prison
Denzil's Pad
Deserted Mines, The
Dizzy's Parent's Hut
Docks and Pier
Dragon's Lair, The
East Tower, The
East Wing, The
Entrance Hall, The
Fourway Warehouse
Giant Beanstalk, The
Going down the well!
Guard House, The
Inside the Church
Keep Out! Dozy's Hut
Large Oak Tree, The
Lift Control Hut, The
Lift to the Elders
Looking Out to Sea
Longjump Cloud
Market Square, The
Meeting Hall, The
Moat and Portcullis
More 'orrible Clouds
Near the Volcano Top
Smelly Allotment, The
Smuggler's Hideout
Snap Happy Gator, The
Strange New World!, A
West Wing, The
Wide-Eyed Dragon, The
West Tower, The
Yet More Clouds


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