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There are two ways you can get just the hints you need from the UHS: Select the "View" links on our hint pages to view our basic free web-based hints, or select the "Download" link to use our UHS Reader software. Current versions of the UHS Readers also let you download hints directly from the program.

 Web HintsUHS Reader Software
Have more fun solving the game on your own when you see just the hints you needYesYes
Hints for hundreds of games available -- from classic adventures to the latest hitsYesYes
Advertisement-free viewing of our hintsNoYes
Store our hints on your computer -- so you don't need to connect to our web site every time you're stuckNoYes
Find hints more easily by searching all the hints for a game at onceNoYes
Print all the hints for easy referenceNoYes
CostFreeFree trial, $14.95-24.95 (US) to buy