Awards For Our Site
USA Today selected as one of their "Hot Sites."
The Lockergnome e-mail newsletter featured the UHS web site: "[T]he UHS will have you moving forward in a flash ... works wonderfully for those who just need a nudge."
Awards For Our Software gives the UHS Reader a 5-star rating.
Softpile lists the UHS Reader as one of their "Most Popular" downloads.
ZDNet gave UHSWIN 4.30 (the UHS reader for Windows) a 5-star rating and chose it as one of their "Reviewers' Raves" for December 1999. UHSWIN 4.50 also received a 5-star rating.
Perfect for frustrated game players who don't (really) cheat."
Rocket Download chose UHSWIN 4.30 as one of the top new programs for the week of November 10, 1999 and rated it 5 out of 5 smileys.
Reviewer Nick Smith says: "If you're a serious gamer who stays true to the spirit of competition, you'll want to try UHS."
The File Transit gave 5 stars to UHSWIN 4.60.

FileHungry gave UHSWIN 4.50 a 5-star rating.
Quotes From Our Readers

"I just quickly wanted to write and let you know that this is hands down the best hint collection for any game I've ever seen. You've done an excellent job of progressing the hints by difficulty, and I really appreciate that, as I am determined I'm going to mostly do this by myself. But every now and then I'll need a push in the right direction, and you are awesome at giving that little push without giving ALL of the answers at once. Other hint sites *claim* they do that, but the first hints are either so vague as to not be helpful, or way more than I'm looking for. I love this site!"

"Thank you for keeping me from killing my PC. Your hints are the most well arranged and articulated of any cheat/hint site. Helpful, without giving away too much. Keep it up!"

"Thanks for the UHS. A great program, easy to use and an answer to every frustrated adventurer's dream."

"I love your site. It is the best site to help you through a tough time in a game without ruining the game with codes or too many secrets."

"I've been using UHS literally for years -- it is the best hint provider out there!"

"I really like the UHS hint system over most guides that simply walk you through the game, without letting you figure anything out on your own."

"This is the first time I have used your site but will definitely be using it again if (no, when) I'm stuck. Thanks."

"I appreciate this free service to the gaming community. It allows someone with little time to fully enjoy the story line, yet still get help when stumped without having to look through a spoiler that gives away too many pieces."