Do you have suggestions for a new site to add to this list? If so, send mail to Jason Strautman and let him know what you like about the site and include a brief description of its content. If there's anything else that makes a site stand out from others like it, include that in your description. Please, however, avoid marketing copy like "the best site for...", as this will very likely be ignored.

Webmasters should feel free to recommend their own sites, but please follow the above guidelines. That is, still include a meaningful description of your site with your e-mail and don't just send a URL and ask for a link exchange. Also, webmasters recommending their own sites should first create a link to us on their site and indicate that they have done so in their message.

We reserve the right to reject sites if we do not feel that our readers would benefit from them. In particular, sites with any form of illegal or pornographic content (including promotion of other sites with such content), sites with excessive advertising (for example, multiple pop-ups per page or more banners than content of their own), or sites with minimal content of their own, will not be linked to. If we discover that sites engage in any of these practices, we may refuse to link to them at any point in the future -- even if they're changed at our request, we've found that sites may return to these practices in the future.