The instructions below apply only to those who have purchased a registered copy of their UHS Reader. If you do not own a registered copy of a UHS Reader, please see the instructions for new orders.

Lost Registration Codes

If you have already purchased a UHS Reader from us, and you have since lost your registration code, please see these instructions to find out how to get a replacement code and re-install the registered version of your UHS Reader.

Upgrade Pricing

Most prior purchases of the UHS Reader for Windows and Palm OS included 3 years of free updates to those versions of the UHS Readers and to our latest hints. If you are still within the free update period following your initial purchase, you may download the latest version of our software and use your existing registration code in most cases.

If your free update period has expired, you will need to renew your registration for $9.95. (The price for new customers is $14.95.) Upgrades are available only from earlier versions of the UHS Readers for Windows to the current version of the UHS Reader for Windows and Palm OS. Due to agreements with the third-party developer of the Mac version, upgrades are not presently available from the Windows version to the Mac version or vice-versa.

Note: Some older versions of the UHS Reader may have had different update policies with regards to new hints, and you may download the version you purchased and continue to receive new hints according to the policy for that version. However, those older registrations did not also include unlimited major updates to the UHS Reader software itself.

Ordering on the Web

For fastest service, please go directly to our secure on-line order form and pay with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card. We will usually e-mail you an unlock code as soon as we receive valid payment information, so you can use your UHS Reader right away. This code will turn your shareware version into the full version, or if you don't have the UHS Reader yet, we'll tell you how to download a copy.

Our Secure Order Form

Ordering by Postal Mail

You may also order by postal mail. We will process your order upon receipt; for faster service, please make sure to include a return e-mail address. We recommend that anyone placing an order by postal mail who has already downloaded a UHS Reader use the order form included within the program. (In the current UHS Reader for Windows, select "Register by Postal Mail" from the "Register" menu.) By using the form, you reduce the chances that you'll omit information we need to process your order, allowing us to return your code more quickly.

If you do not have a UHS Reader or cannot get the form to work, you may send your payment (either a MasterCard / Visa / AMEX / Discover number, with expiration date and cardholder's signature, or a check drawn in US dollars on a US bank) to the following address:

Universal Hint System
1220 L Street NW #100-174
Washington, DC 20005
United States

For current pricing, see our mail-in order form. Either print out this form and mail it in, or include a note with similar information with your payment.