UHS Reader for Mac OS (PowerPC or 68K systems)
What's New

Version 5.00 now allows you to download hints directly from within the UHS Reader. When you first start the UHS Reader, a hint file list will appear. Press the "Download List" button to get a current list of available hint files, and then open the hints you need.

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Download now (Version 5.00, for OS 9 and OS X, 890 KB)
Download now (Version 4.00, for earlier Mac OS versions, 762 KB)

Please note that neither version is currently compatible with OS X Lion. We will provide an update once a new version is ready.

You may try the UHS Reader for 60 days to decide if you like it. After that time, you must purchase the registered (full) version for $20. You may also find that you need to purchase the registered version to view certain sections of individual hint files.

Instructions: This is a self-extracting archive -- just double-click on the file to install the UHS Reader on your system. A "UHS" folder will be created with 4 files, including a program called "UHS Reader 5.0".

If your Mac does not recognize the "hqx" or "sit" file, download a free copy of StuffIt Expander. If you have an Intel Mac, and the "UHS Reader 5.0" icon starts up in Script Editor, rename this icon to "UHS Reader 5.0.app" and then try again.

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Buy now ($20)
Already Registered?

Download the trial version of the UHS Reader if you don't already have it. You will enter your registration code that you received by email into the UHS Reader the first time that you run it, to activate the full version that you purchased.

Version 5.00 uses the same registration codes as version 4.00, and there is no need to request an upgrade. We have extended this free upgrade as a courtesy to make downloading new hints easier for all of our paying customers. (We do not necessarily guarantee any free upgrades in the future, however.)

Replace a lost code

Additional Notes

Written by Illume Software.

UHS for Mac OS 5.00 is "carbonized", which means it will run natively on Mac OS X as well as on earlier systems. It will run on Mac OS 8.6 or later if the Carbon Support libraries are installed. The Carbon Support libraries may be downloaded from Apple's website. UHS for Mac OS 5.00 will not run on systems before Mac OS 8.6.

If you can't get the Carbon libraries or you're running on an earlier version of Mac OS, then you can use version 4.00 of the UHS Reader for Mac OS. Both versions use the same registration codes.