UHS Reader for Windows XP/ME/2000/98 (includes optional Palm OS sync)

Your download should start in a few seconds. If it does not, click here to start the download manually.

Instructions: This program is distributed as a self-installing executable. This means you run the file you download from our site to install the UHS Reader. To use the UHS Reader to get hints, follow these short steps:

  1. Wait for the download on this page to finish, and then open the file you downloaded. This will install the UHS Reader, creating a Start Menu icon and telling your system how to read UHS files. If you need help downloading, see these detailed instructions.
  2. Start the UHS Reader from your Start Menu (Start > Programs (or All Programs) > Universal Hint System > UHS Reader for Windows).
  3. If you have purchased a copy of the UHS Reader, you will be asked to enter your registration code the first time you run the UHS Reader on a new computer. When you receive the prompt, hit the "Enter Code" button (or select "Enter Register Code" from the "Register" menu) and type your registration name and code as they were emailed to you. Without a registration code, you will instead take a free trial of the UHS Reader.
  4. Select "Download New Hints" from the "File" menu to get a list of our available hint files. Just double-click on any title to get the hints you want, and the UHS Reader will get them for you. After that, look under "Open My Hints" on the "File" menu to find the hints you've already downloaded.
  5. Optional: To view hints on a Palm OS handheld, select "Download New Hints" or "Open My Hints" from the "File" menu, as on the previous step. Then, when you have selected the hints that you wish to view on your Palm, look on the toolbar and click "Copy to Palm". Both the hints and the necessary UHS Reader will be added to your Palm the next time you perform a HotSync. (If you purchased your copy of the UHS Reader, you will also need to enter your code into the Palm OS version.) You must first install and run the UHS Reader for Windows before you can install the UHS Reader for Palm OS.

You may try the program for free for 60 days to decide if you like it. After that time, you must purchase the registered (full) version, with options starting from $14.95 US. There are also limitations in the availability of certain hints within downloaded files.

Or save time and buy the full UHS Reader now! All purchases come with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Common Downloading Questions
  1. I bought a copy of the UHS Reader, but my code is not being accepted. What should I do?

    Please make sure that you are entering both your name and code as they were sent to you. Changing either one of these will invalidate your code. If you are not sure of your registration information (name or code), then please use our lost code replacement form to receive another copy.

    Also, your registration code will be valid for 3 years from the initial date of purchase. If it has been longer than this since you paid for a copy of the UHS Reader, you should receive a message telling you to upgrade or renew your registration. The UHS Reader does know the difference between invalid and expired codes, so if you're told your code is invalid, that very likely means you are entering your information incorrectly – not that your registration code has expired.

  2. I can't or don't want to use the UHS Reader to download new hints. Can I get hints any other way?

    Yes, you may also download the same hint files directly from our web site instead of using the UHS Reader to download them, but we strongly recommend you use the "Download New Hints" option in the UHS Reader instead of downloading the files directly from our web site.

  3. I already have an older UHS Reader. How do I upgrade to the latest version?

    If you already have a previous installation of the UHS Reader, install the new version to the same location as your current version to preserve all your original settings. There is no need to uninstall the previous version first.